Friday, 28 November 2014

Lolita coords

Saturday, 5 April 2014

D.I.Y Kawaii work place

What you will need
- Your desk & Chair
- Tissue Box.
- Stickers
- about 2 metres of a cute material.
- Small Plushies
- Old Mugs or Drinking Glasses
- Your Manga books or anime DvDs
- Laptop or other stuff you use.

Places and Shops to get stuff
- Kinokunya
- Spotlight
- Morning Glory
- Ebay
- Storenvy

Step one:
Clear your desk of everything and cut out one metre of your fabric, placing it like a table cloth over your desk. Some could be hanging over the end in a cute, messy way.

Step two:
Take your stickers, and cover the mugs or glasses with them, then place them at the back of your desk and fill with pens or pencils.

Step three:
Take the other metre of the fabric and drape it on your chair, adding some plushie toys to make it cute and comfy!

Step four:
Put your tissue box in an easily accesable position and surround it with some more plushies. If you are lucky enough to own a Hello Kitty, Rillakuma or other cute character tissue box cover, use that.

Step five:
Find a nice place on your desk and line or stack notepads, manga books, Anime DvDs; It doesn't really matter what it is, as long as it's cute in a kawaii way.

Step six:
Finally, add your laptop of desktop computer in the middle, making sure it doesn't block any of the other things you have set down.

- You really could use this for any style of lolita, just replacing things like the stickers you use and the type of material

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Summer lolita alternatives.

You may think to yourself when going through clothes or plainly just staring into space. What do I really need in my Classic/Goth/Sweet lolita wardrobe for summer? The truth is, you need more items than you may be thinking are necessary! Just having the usual, quite formal lolita undergarments (I'm looking at you bloomers!) is going to be hard to wear or make do with in different conditions and seasons. So here is a short list of what I believe is extremely necessary in the summer but overlooked by many lolitas.

1. Pajama Shorts
Wear these during summer instead of bloomers! They are usually loose, comfy, and designed for warm weather. So ditch the lacy white bloomers this summer and grab a pair of these. Country road kids does really nice pajamas that come with these types of shorts.

2. Underskirts
A lighter, less fluffy and only slightly less puffy version of a petticoat. With less layers it may not last as long, but it's just for summer, so it doesn't really need to last as long as a petti.

3.Chiffon Blouse
Instead of wearing a blouse with ruffles and stiff cotton collars, why not invest in a chiffon blouse like this? It's lighter, flowy, and better for hot summer days.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wishlist (A lazy, brief post.)

It comes around that time of month when I really just want to buy something. Maybe it's a new JSK or a random sweater, either way it's fun to put it in a blog!
So, here, ladies & gentlemen, is my March wishlist!
(Note that this is only a wish-list of stuff available right now, if it was of all time the list would be endless.)

Pink Anna House skirt

Pink Anna House Headbow

Angelic Pretty bows

Angelic Pretty Biscuit bag

AP Dreamy Girl pink skirt.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Print I would like to see & a lot about it.

Dream Prints
In this post I am going to go into detail about prints I dream of being real. These are all fake, although I might include a picture or a print that is similar. I'm hoping my adjective and describing skills are not to ridiculous and that I don't bore you with my ramblings! Well, anyway, on with it!

Misty Graveyard
The print starts off with forest green patches of grass at the bottom with the detail of weeds. Clovers, dandelion leaves and small clusters of stinging nettles accompanying it. A little mist is hinted ever so slightly right above this, followed by the beginnings of  ancient looking grave stones, covered in deep green moss. Another slightly thicker layer of mist floats above this, translucent. The gravestones are now very visible, some rising up into a foggy grey/ dim blue/ ivory/ magenta sky/ mars black while others you can only just see the heads of. Of course these gravestones are all a stone shade of grey, but most have vines, weeds, grass or moss creeping up them. Giant Yew trees sit around spots in the graveyard, their interesting leaves made with huge detail. So much that I can see the individual spindles on the deathly poisonous plant. The branches reach up, and up, and up the garment stopping around the waist, seemingly because of the fog that slowly makes them less visible. The colour of the fog on the piece depends on which colour the person orders. It would come in an A-line Op, JSK with neck cross straps, and puffy skirt. The bag would be a grey leather grave stone, that the person could choose what was engraved in it. The blouse would be ivory with a peter pan collar along with detachable sleeves. The head accessory is a black silk rose on a medium thickness headband, also covered in the soft silk. The JSK & OP would both retail at $135, the bag $70, headbow & other accessories $22. Either it would be sold at my own brand, or by Alice And The Pirates.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lolita Bible issue 51 + Topshop socks

Yesterday I went to the city, again, and I bought a few things. I thought I might share my little (Big) things I got in a quick blog post.
First of all I went to Kinokuniya, and went straight to the Japanese section. And get this: My Kinokuniya does not only stock the most recent Gothic & Lolita Bible, It also stocks every single one of them for $27.10. I looked at the covers of nearly all of them. From the first one published- in 2002- to the editions in 2008! I was so overwhelmed that I couldn't not buy one! So I broke my "no spending until you have $500" (Like that was going to happen anyway.) rule and bought issue 51, as you can see below.
 Gothic & Lolita Bible issue 51- purchased by me

The next thing I did was be dragged to Topshop by my mum. I at first thought "Nooooooooo, let me go home to read my magazine!" But then I spotted the socks section and fell in love with them all. They have short ones with lace, long ones with lace and some pairs that had pugs & cats printed on them. You can probably guess what happened next. I showed them to my mum and she said she thought they were cute, so she would buy me three pairs (That was only because there was some 3 for 2 business going on, but that turned out only being available in England topshops.) Here is a sidewards (whoops!) picture of them:
Topshop socks, gifts from my mum
I shan't forget the lovely bag they came in: (Also sidewards.)
I will probably do a post around something to do with the gothic & lolita bible, but until then, goodnight!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Red Classic lolita co-ord

My lolita wardrobe March 2014

Lolita wardrobe!
Hmmm.... It's been a while since I've posted, I hope nobodies noticed... 
I really do want to show all of you people who are reading my blog my lolita wardrobe. Currently all my items are off brand, but are lolita. Very soon I will be making a Bodyline order, so I look forward to that.
Because many of the items are  from when I was a child, some of these things don't exactly fit me, however most of them do.
I'll start with an overview, then take pictures of the different sort of items I have, then next to those pictures dot poits of what I own

First of all I just wanted to say that my lolita wardrobe isn't big, Infact if you take out the 1 Jsk that doesn't fit properly, it's tiny. But I love it and really don't care that I don't own any brand.
Second thing, I have a mixture of classic and sweet.
And last thing, I am still working out what style I want to be, and it's really hard to decide.

But anyhoodle, enjoy!

[Excuse the David Bowie t-shirt on the right.]

So, this is my wardrobe/ fireplace in all it's candy coated beauty.

- I have my jewellery, nail polish, dolls, money box and other bits on the fire ledge.

-In the middle I have my blouses, petticoats, JSK's and clothing.

- But, right at the very bottom is my favourite part, where my bags, shoes, beanies, hats and socks are. [Including my garbage bin which is that pink thing!]

-Pink Gingham button up JSK

-Navy blue Corduroy button up JSK, high neckline

-Rose Petal Cream JSK

-Sailor blue long sleeve blouse, [ZARA]

-Cable knit short sleeve blouse, [JCrew]

-Blue knee length petticoat [Country Road]

-Pink fairy skirt [Used as an additional petticoat.]

-Navy blue waist apron

-Black patent lace up boots [Wannabe]

-Blue gumboots with light blue stars [Target]

-Yellow clogs

-White loafers

-Pink felt "Strawberry slippers" [Magic Felt]

-Dark blue and cream spotted shoulder bag [Cath Kidston]

-Rainbow sparkle handbag [Jcrew]

-Picnic basket handbag.

-Black felt bag with cherry. [Magic Felt.]

-Pink and lime handmade crochet shoulder bag.

Other bits & pieces
-Jewellery box

-Katy Perry "Meow"

-Nail polishes

-Hello Kitty watch

-My mannequin called George

-Elizabeth Arden "Splendour"

Thanks so much for reading my blog post, I really appreciate it. If you like my blog I would be over the moon if you were to comment, follow or +1 my post

-Vanilla Kitty

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Great blogs & websites [Will update]

Lolita shops:


Angelic Pretty

Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Alice and the Pirates

Closet Child

The Wind Rises
Film By Hayao Miyazaki
Review by Vanilla Kitty

The wind rises is a movie by Hayao Miyazaki, about a boy called Jiro who dreams of flying planes, but can't because of his short sighted-ness. He has a dream about a famous aeroplane designer, Mr. Caproni, and decides he will design them instead. Years later he is travelling on a train to University when the Japan Earthquake of 1923 of hits. There are other major events in his life, but this one seems to be the most significant to how the story builds up.

 The movie is played out in different stages of his life, starting with him being about 10, and ending with him around 25. Each stage is about half an hour long, the first one being the shortest. Even though it is hard to get into, around 20 minutes into it and you will be hooked!
The characters were all unique and different, and there were some very funny parts in it, that made the cinema laugh.

However, although the movie made me laugh, it also made me smile, grimace and cry. It really is like you are watching a real persons life on a screen, so many ups and downs.

There were surprisingly a lot of characters in this Miyazaki film, compared to his other masterpieces such as Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service & Ponyo. It really was hard to choose a favourite character, but I really did like the guy who lived at the hotel with the massive nose. (Sorry about that, only people who have watched it will understand who I mean.)

Favourite parts
There are many parts I enjoyed in the animation, but by far the one that really scared me was the earthquake sequence. The rising of everything- All the houses and ground and, ugh, everything was coming up from it's usual place as if it was a giant wave- The massive groaning noise as if there was a demon under the ground, it completely freaked me out, I had to grab onto my dads arm. I could almost feel the hysteria of the people on the train.

The front layer animation really was just as amazing as all Miyazaki's other films. It was the Backgrounds that really set this animation apart from the others, the scenery was just so amazing and beautifully painted, I almost cried because of how much I wanted to live in one of them. The scene where the viewer gets a full shot of his house is absolutely gorgeous, it was his house, framed by a beautiful sky, and what I assume is a cherry blossom tree overhanging onto the wooden roof.

All, in all, I thought this film was one of the most emotional and compelling animations I have ever seen. With beautiful animation, charming characters and a new and exciting plot, it is a triumph as an end to Hayao Miyazaki's career. I really do hope he is bluffing and will pop back at any moment to make another film, though. 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Lolita Wardrobe for $500 or under challenge! Sweet edition

Today I am setting myself a blogging challenge. To create a lolita wardrobe for under $500.
I have wanted to do something like this for a really long time, but because of certain people *stares at little brother* stealing my laptop, I haven't had access to my computer.
'The challenge is simple. I have to browse websites and online shops to find cheap, but good quality items, to make a complete lolita wardrobe. I am going to do a sweet and classic one, but today I am doing sweet. I will list the brand, name of item and will put the link, just in case you are interested in the item.

Some things you should know before:
1. I am not actually going to buy any of these things, it is merely an online challenge.
2. I don't currently have $500.
3. This is for other people, use it for help if you want.
4. I will be using a little help off this F yeah lolita post, but mostly I came up with my own template for what a complete lolita wardrobe is for me.
5. And finally, I am a very small person, so some of the things I put in it may be kids clothing.

Without further a do, lets start!

er....makes things poof up a bit.....?

White, fluffy petticoat


Special piece ( Saved for meetups and other special occasions.)
When you go to a meetup or other special occasions, you don't really want to wear your normal lolita outfit, so maybe get an op in a colour with a cute print, something that stands out a little more than usual.

Pink OP

This is a really cute dress. It's print is little playing cards scattered across the fabric.the bow is a cute touch. (Sorry the picture is bad)

3 jumper skirts.
Jumper skirts are easy to coordinate, thus, making them a good thing to stock up on. Shops like bodyline are good resources for them. Before buying anything from their online shop, please watch this video: all copyright to princesspeachie. I am no expert at wardrobes so please feel free to tell me off if I say anything wrong!


Saxe blue JSK

I think this is one of my favourite jumper skirts of all time.
It looks so much like candy with all it's stripes and bows.


Cake embroidery JSK

Details are: just here


cherry chiffon JSK


2 blouses
So, here is the thing: If you buy jumperskirts, you are going to need at the least two, good blouses. I think a white and off white one would be good, although you could do any two combinations, but having a white one would be best, because it can go with anything- or any style.

Blouse no.1

Off white long sleeve blouse.


Blouse no.2

White short sleeve blouse.


Pair of shoes that will go with everything.
So, I was up to here and then realised that I only have $106 left, so I think I can only get one pair of shoes.

White plain shoes.



pink tights



Socks with lace



 head accesories.
A lolita is no lolita without her cute bows and hair pieces!

Angelic Pretty head clips.

$27 (I am not sure though.)


What is a lolita to do without a lovely bag to go with her outfits?

Strawberry bag

It won't let me get a link for it, but it is on the body line website, in the category "lolita" and then sub- category bags. 

Total: $453

Under $500
Well, I have done the challenge, and I feel strongly that this is a good representation of a small sweet lolita wardrobe. Others might think otherwise, and if you do, please comment below any changes you think would be good. Thanks for reading!

- Vanilla Kitty 

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Gothic & Lolita Bible: Volume 50, winter 2013

Yesterday, I went to the city. Mainly for the reason to buy this magazine/ book. I went to kinokuniya, (which is my favourite book shop of  all time) and went on a adventure to look for it. I found it in the Japanese magazine section, (Which, by the way, made me have a complete dither with delight attack.)
Unfortunately, I failed to check how much it normally costs beforehand, so I ended up having to go over my budget, because folks... it was a whopping $30!

 For a magazine that isn't even in my language, it didn't take that much pleading to borrow $2 from my parents. The thing that erked me was that I could've bought the Angelic Pretty magazine, and gotten a black sugary carnival bag for free. *sigh* (Please consider at this time I hadn't actually read the Gothic & Lolita bible.)

So, I bought it, and went home to read this $30 magazine.
And, I really did enjoy it! I can't read any Japanese at all, but the pictures were self explanatory and the brands were in English. I defiantly will be buying it again in the future.



A 2014 diary, with gorgeous art all over it.

stickers with the designs of the diary.

My favourite pages:
(Sorry that they are upside down.)

A very 'sweet' page.

Crazy OTT lace outfits!!!

My favourite outfits:

Playing card chic!!!

I love these dresses so much.

Well, thanks for checking my blog out!!!!
- Vanilla kitty, out!